Athletics on TV

Listings for athletics events broadcast on UK terrestrial, satellite and cable TV.
All times are UK (GMT/BST). Add 1 hour for CET/CEST.

Programme listings

Monday 30th November0030-0115British EurosportCycling
Revolution Series, Glasgow
1600-1700British Eurosport 2Cycling
Revolution Series, Glasgow
2200-2330British Eurosport 2Cycling
Revolution Series, Glasgow
Wednesday 2nd December1700-1800British EurosportCycling
Revolution Series, Glasgow
Sunday 6th December0635-0705Channel 4Triathlon
Challenge Paguera-Mallorca
1600-1715British Eurosport 2Cycling
Revolution Series, Glasgow
1715-1745British Eurosport 2Triathlon
Challenge Paguera-Mallorca
Tuesday 8th December0930-1000British EurosportCycling
The Voxwomen Cycling Show
1830-1900Sky Sports 3Triathlon
Challenge Paguera-Mallorca
2300-2330Sky Sports 3Triathlon
Challenge Paguera-Mallorca
Wednesday 9th December0000-0100Sky Sports 3Olympic Games
Time Of Our Lives: 1968 Olympics, Mexico City
0250-0315Channel 4Triathlon
Challenge Paguera-Mallorca
0730-0800Sky Sports 2Triathlon
Challenge Paguera-Mallorca
1130-1200Sky Sports 3Triathlon
Challenge Paguera-Mallorca
1300-1400Sky Sports 3Olympic Games
Time Of Our Lives: 1972 Olympics, Munich
1430-1500Sky Sports 2Triathlon
Challenge Paguera-Mallorca
Thursday 10th December1330-1400British EurosportTriathlon
Anglesey Sandman Triathlon, Newborough
1400-1500British EurosportTriathlon
Noosa Triathlon
1615-1645British Eurosport 2Cycling
The Voxwomen Cycling Show
Saturday 12th December0730-0800Channel 4Triathlon
Anglesey Sandman Triathlon, Newborough
0800-0830British Eurosport 2Cycling
The Voxwomen Cycling Show

Channel data

BBC1:Sky 101/141(HD); Virgin Media 101/108(HD); Freeview 1/101(HD); Freesat 101/108(HD)
BBC2:Sky 102/142(HD); Virgin Media 102/162(HD); Freeview 2/102(HD); Freesat 102/109(HD)
ITV:Sky 103/178(HD); Virgin Media 103/113(HD); Freeview 3/103(HD); Freesat 103/119(HD)
Channel 4:Sky 104/230(HD); Virgin Media 104/142(HD); Freeview 4/104(HD); Freesat 104/126(HD)
Channel 5:Sky 105/171(HD); Virgin Media 105/150(HD); Freeview 5; Freesat 105
BBC3:Sky 115/210(HD); Virgin Media 106/163(HD); Freeview 7/105(HD); Freesat 147/106(HD)
BBC4:Sky 116/211(HD); Virgin Media 107/164(HD); Freeview 9/106(HD); Freesat 148/107(HD)
ITV2:Sky 118/207(HD); Virgin Media 115/176(HD); Freeview 6; Freesat 113
ITV3:Sky 119/208(HD); Virgin Media 117/177(HD); Freeview 10; Freesat 115
ITV4:Sky 120/228(HD); Virgin Media 118/178(HD); Freeview 24; Freesat 117
British Eurosport:Sky 410/412(HD); Virgin Media 521/522(HD)
British Eurosport 2:Sky 411/443(HD); Virgin Media 525/526(HD)
Sky Sports 1:Sky 401/408(HD); Virgin Media 511/517(HD)
Sky Sports 2:Sky 402/409(HD); Virgin Media 512/518(HD)
Sky Sports 3:Sky 403/435(HD); Virgin Media 513
Sky Sports 4:Sky 404/436(HD); Virgin Media 514
ESPN:Sky 417/433(HD); Virgin Media 529/530(HD)
The Active Channel:Sky 449; Freesat 408
More4:Sky 138/236(HD); Virgin Media 147/203(HD); Freeview 14; Freesat 124
5USA:Sky 174; Virgin Media 153; Freeview 31; Freesat 129
National Geographic:Sky 526/543(HD); Virgin Media 230/232(HD)
Sky Atlantic:Sky 108/231(HD)
TV5Monde:Sky 799; Virgin Media 825